Automation and Mechatronics Engineering


The team of the “Automation and Mechatronics Engineering” department consists of electrical, mechatronic and mechanical engineers who develop components and systems from the initial idea to the finished prototype in the framework of industry-oriented research projects. The scientists of this research field are concerned with issues of sensor technology, service robotics, human-machine interaction, digitalization and networking in production. In the field of basic research, Fraunhofer Italia focuses on the application areas Smart Building and Agrimechatronics.



The VISUAL project aims to apply new augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to increase the productivity of local businesses in line with the industry 4.0 vision. 

The objective of the project is to create an infrastructure and know-how to allow Fraunhofer Italia to conduct applied research in the areas of AR and VR applied to automation. A research platform will be developed that integrates...



Standardized implementation of Predictive Maintenance as innovative methodology towards digitization.


The PreMain project lays the groundwork for comprehensively involving businesses, especially SMEs, in all technological and organisational nuances of predictive maintenance. When coupled with digitalisation and Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance might drive productivity upwards by reducing lag and repairment time, and enhancing transparency and machine traceability. The core underlying idea is that intervention on machines should 



Decentralized control of production processed in the Factory of the Future


The goal of the DeConPro project is to design and implement research infrastructure for cyber-physical production systems in South-Tyrol. 



Development of a remote data acquisition system for computer-assisted agriculture.


In the project SMILE Fraunhofer Italia is working in cooperation with the Free University of Bolzano and the two Italian companies Mavtech srl and Arvatec srl on the development of a system for automatic data collection by use of remote-controlled aircraft, so called drones.



A fresh breeze for buildings


Fraunhofer Italia was working for more than two years on this goal as part of the Interreg IV project "Vent4Reno" - ventilation for renovation - in close cooperation with the University of Innsbruck. It may sound quite simple, but it includes an ambitious project of young researchers, which provides the development of a small room ventilation unit for existing building complexes.


Bio Chip Feeding

Reduced emissions through a new wood chip handling system


The project “BioChipFeeding” has the aim to develop a new wood chip handling system that reduces the emissions of wood chip based industrial heating systems significantly. In this project Fraunhofer Italia collaborates with the Technical University of Munich, the Technical University of Graz and the BIOS GmbH of Graz as research partners and companies.



Diagnostic device for lithium-ion batteries


Within the framework of the Interreg IV project "Akku4Future" Fraunhofer Italia developed the technical basis for a diagnostic device for lithium-ion batteries, together with the Fachhochschule Kärnten, development agency Kärnten EAK, Treviso Tecnologia and the TIS innovation park.


Smart Alpine Mobility

Green Mobility


The large-scale provincial/regional project "Green Mobility" of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, pursues the goal to make an important step towards realizing a green model region in the alpine area. Within this project, Fraunhofer Italia created a guideline for Smart Alpine Mobility and conducted a scientific study.



Tractor of reduced dimensions for viticulture


Approximately 242,000 hectares of the 7,400 total square kilometres of South Tyrol  are used as farmland. Especially wine is thereby often cultivated on steep slopes with a narrow terrace arrangement which makes the cultivation rather difficult. Together with the company W.M.GmbH, Fraunhofer Italia developed an innovative tractor for viticulture.



Reduction of risks on farms


In South Tyrol there are about 20,000 farms, of which nearly 9,600 are dedicated to animal husbandry and hay feeding, but many of these farms do not have adequate security measures in the equipment stores and hay silos. In the project Futterloch, which was carried out in close cooperation with the South Tyrolean Bauernbund, Fraunhofer Italia studied different approaches to make work safer in drying frames and barns.



Development of a new connection technology for large kitchens furniture


Fraunhofer Italia developed a research project, in collaboration with the well-known Südtirol manufacturer of large kitchens furniture, for the creation of a new connection process for lightweight panels in large kitchens.