The project “BioChipFeeding” has the aim to develop a new wood chip handling system that reduces the emissions of wood chip based industrial heating systems significantly. In this project Fraunhofer Italia collaborates with the Technical University of Munich, the Technical University of Graz and the BIOS GmbH of Graz as research partners and companies from Italy, Austria and Germany.

Common biomass systems are usually equipped with push or scratch floors. These kinds of handling systems are clearing the storage from below and do not make any difference in the quality of the material to be fed to the boiler. This is where the project "BioChipFeeding" begins: The biomass will be transported by overhead crane to the boiler. An intelligent gripper system equipped with a number of sensors for the systematic measurement of the storage is used to categorize wood chip qualities with respect to moisture and ash content and granularity. The implemented control-system allows a fully automatic operation. This means that only suitable material based on the operating state of the burner is supplied. During the project, two prototypes with grippers of different sizes are realized to have a flexible solution for different plants. The grippers are compatible with conventional overhead cranes and can therefore be easily integrated into existing systems.

The companies involved in the project are HET Heating & Energy Technology Development Ltd., HDG Bavaria GmbH and Sinte SRL. These companies bring practical experience from this area into the project and are going to offer the system in the future as a finished product.


Project details:

Term: 2013 - 2015

Support: EU-FP7

Project partner: HET Heiz- & Energietechnik Entwicklungs-GmbH; HDG Bavaria GmbH, Sinte s.r.l.; BIOS Bioenergiesysteme GmbH; Technical University Graz - Institute of Logistics Engeneering; Technical University München - Institute for Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics