The PreMain project lays the groundwork for comprehensively involving businesses, especially SMEs, in all technological and organisational nuances of predictive maintenance. When coupled with digitalisation and Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance might drive productivity upwards by reducing lag and repairment time, and enhancing transparency and machine traceability. The core underlying idea is that intervention on machines should anticipate rather than react to adverse, which entails: organisational optimisation, cost reduction, minimisation of adverse, increased security, increased energy efficiency, enhanced machine life-span.
The tasks will focus on planning of service standardisation, in order to implement predictive maintenance in productive chains regardless of sector and dimension.
The objective is to disclose the practical and concrete potential of digitalisation and its trends to participating businesses, as the stepping-stone towards a global understanding of predictive maintenance. In general, predictive maintenance boils down to a well-informed grasp of the fundamentals of machine operation drawing on work logs as sources of information to nurture process optimisation.
To put a lid on the concrete needs of businesses, we want to go down the road of close-knit collaboration with firms along all the process. Seminars and workshops will be organised to hear from businesses and accrue to the knowledge stock on predictive maintenance, to study existing cases, and exchange information and opinions with experts. Some businesses will join as pilot sites to test the service and show what predictive maintenance is all about, and help devise an implementation roadmap.
Participating businesses enjoy the opportunity to gain experience on digitalisation of productive processes with regard to new types of maintenance. Moreover, there will be room to sit down with businesses to discuss and bond over common hindrances and ideas.

Project details:

Project: ERDF 1062 Servizio PreMain: Standardized implementation of Predictive Maintenance as innovative methodology towards digitization[CUP: B53D17000110008]

Operational Programm: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) – Investments in Growth and Employment 2014 -2020. First Call – Axis 1 Research and Innovation

Project Partner: Fraunhofer Italia

Project duration: 01.06.2017-31.05.2019

Website PreMain: (under construction)

PreMain: Predictive Maintenance

Video by Sigoo (Giorgio Soncin) (video in italian)