A fresh breeze for buildings – Fraunhofer Italia was working for more than two years on this goal as part of the Interreg IV project "Vent4Reno" - ventilation for renovation - in close cooperation with the University of Innsbruck. It may sound quite simple, but it includes an ambitious project of young researchers, which provides the development of a small room ventilation unit for existing building complexes.

So-called comfort ventilation systems are already standard in new buildings. Normally they are mounted centrally in the basement or on the roof, to provide fresh air to the whole building, using extensive ventilation tubes. When renovating old buildings, however, not enough space for a subsequent installation of large central ventilation units and channels is available. With “Vent4Reno” Fraunhofer Italia pursues the goal to make passive house technology applicable from an energy efficient point of view also for the modernization of old buildings.

The heat from the extracted air can be used to preheat cool air, due to the obstruction of comfort ventilation systems, which in turn results in great energy savings. The developed device is now more compact and allows a higher heat recovery than traditional devices. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the renovation of old buildings with limited space volumes. As a first project step, in the past two years traditional products were studied to create improved calculation models. Furthermore, aerodynamic and thermal simulations supported the development of the device so that it is now possible to determine the air quality by sensors, and allow a demand-driven ventilation.


Project details:

Term: 2012 - 2015

Support: Interreg IV

Project partner: Institute for Engineering and materials science in Innsbruck

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