Business Model Engineering

The Team Business Model Engineering deals with the strategic development of business models, tools, methods and action plans for industrial and institutional stakeholders, undertaking innovation and digital transformation for the sustainability of their business. The knowledge of productive value chains, business logics, technological and market trends enable Fraunhofer Italia to support partners on the management of complex production systems and decision-making processes, characterised by the interplay of advanced technologies and networks of heterogeneous agents.




Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region

The Interreg Alpine Space AlpLinkBioEco project will develop a cross-regional circular bio-based economic strategy connecting diverse producers along the entire supply chain to increase the economic competitiveness of alpine regions.



Bread in alpine environments: innovative mechanized solutions for the cereal supply chain


The BROTWEG project aims to develop innovations for the cultivation of cereals in mountain areas, on very steep slopes (70%) where the cultivation of cereals is currently precluded to any form of mechanization. The need to identify new development models for mountain agriculture, complementary to the prevailing zootechnical ones, proposes in the foreground the alternative of the "cereal supply chain", compared to the "dairy supply chain" for the considerable advantages that the first one involves in terms of reduction of manpower and annual workloads, investments and environmental impacts. The project involves the development of prototypes of special machines for work on extreme slopes, as well as new plants for post-harvesting treatments and grain conservation suitable for forms of management on a farm scale.



Industry 4.0 Roadmap for the NOI Techpark


Development of a strategic roadmap for future activities to be considered in industry 4.0 relevant for companies, research centres and start-ups that make up the NOI Techpark according to the main technological developments, market and innovation trends.


Beacon Südtirol

The Internet of Things Network for South Tyrol


Fraunhofer Italia in collaboration with NOI S.p.A. has created a white-paper to map skills and define methods to support innovation processes in support of collaborations within the local network of companies, research centres and start-ups in the Internet of Things.



Digital Transformation in the craftsmanship sector


In the framework of the CRAFTech project, Fraunhofer Italia developed an applied research service to support SMEs towards digital transformation. The service enables the definition of company-specific implementation projects based on the digital maturity of the company as well as the on-site analysis of organizational and production processes.


I4.0 Roadmap

I4.0 Roadmap for the manufacturing and construction sectors


Revolution 4.0 is a building-block of a firm’s strategy to live up to today’s ever-changing markets. More and more industries are welcoming integrated 4.0 solutions, catching up with this revolution in the very concept of production and the dynamics among producers, suppliers and end-users. Big Data, Internet of Things, augmented reality, advanced automation are just some of the productivity-boosters nurturing an increasingly digital-oriented, customisable and flexible demand. SMEs will be 



Retrofitting interventions in South Tyrol


KlimaKit tackles existing barriers in the sector comprehensively, to disentangle the factors preventing retrofitting interventions and laying the groundwork for an innovative model involving all actors in South Tyrol’s retrofitting market.


Rapid Open Innovation

Speeding time to market


Exchange of knowledge – These three words sum up perfectly the main aim of the project "Rapid Open Innovation - speeding time to market". Currently, Fraunhofer Italia is working on it together with various companies from the sectors eco-building, wood and mechanics from Veneto, South Tyrol and Tyrol. The aim of the project is the so-called Open Innovation - sharing knowledge in a cross-border network.


Remodel 2.0

Motivate to renovate 


Currently a team of scientists from Fraunhofer Italia is working on this project together with seven South Tyrolean companies. The project "Remodel 2.0" is dedicated to the topic of energy-efficient renovation and pursues the ambitious goal to provide a comprehensive service that affords a fast and easy performance from a technical and a financial point of view.


Technology Compass

Identifying innovation potential


Today, companies are forced to accelerate their internal innovation processes and to adopt them constantly to the continuously rising demands of customers, but many of them fail because they do not follow consequently a long-term strategy, they do not have enough resources or they would need special assistance.


Market Explorer

Exploring target markets


Even if a company is successful with its technologies and products in a specific market segment at the present days, it can not be guaranteed that it will remain the same way in the future. Nowadays, many companies are forced to apply their technologies to other industries in order to create new revenue streams. However, particularly SMEs often do not have the resources and the time to explore the targeted market for their technologies.