Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation related to the innovation processes of companies and institutions are at the core of the activities within this thematic area. Digital tools and solutions are developed to foster planning of digital transformation in the company strategy, support the diffusion of digital business models and evaluate the impact of new technologies, economic and social trends on innovation. The research activities target companies, including SMEs and start-up, Public Administrations, business associations and Technology Parks.

Selection of reference projects



Digital Transformation in the craftsmanship sector


In the framework of the CRAFTech project, Fraunhofer Italia developed an applied research service to support SMEs towards digital transformation. The service enables the definition of company-specific implementation projects based on the digital maturity of the company as well as the on-site analysis of organizational and production processes.


Beacon Südtirol

The Internet of Things Network for South Tyrol


Fraunhofer Italia in collaboration with NOI S.p.A. has created a white-paper to map skills and define methods to support innovation processes in support of collaborations within the local network of companies, research centres and start-ups in the Internet of Things.


I4.0 Roadmap

I4.0 Roadmap for the manufacturing and construction sectors


Revolution 4.0 is a building-block of a firm’s strategy to live up to today’s ever-changing markets. More and more industries are welcoming integrated 4.0 solutions, catching up with this revolution in the very concept of production and the dynamics among producers, suppliers and end-users. Big Data, Internet of Things, augmented reality, advanced automation are just some of the productivity-boosters nurturing an increasingly digital-oriented, customisable and flexible demand. SMEs will be 



Industry 4.0 Roadmap for the NOI Techpark


Development of a strategic roadmap for future activities to be considered in industry 4.0 relevant for companies, research centres and start-ups that make up the NOI Techpark according to the main technological developments, market and innovation trends.