Beacon Südtirol


The aim of the Beacon Südtirol project is to create a favourable environment for the development of innovative ideas, projects, products and services through the installation of beacon technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) networks.

Within the project Fraunhofer Italia was involved in the selection of South Tyrolean companies that can potentially benefit from the use of IoT technologies, as well as a systematic collection of skills, initiatives, experiences, existing projects on the territory to support the creation of an innovation network for IoT managed by NOI S.p.A. Potential use-cases to be implemented on the territory have also been derived, as well as guidelines for the further definition and development of projects on the territory that include the use of IoT technologies in different application areas including mobility, energy, smart-cities, industrial automation, wearables, agriculture and environment. The guidelines define the methods available to the innovation processes of local stakeholders (companies, research centres and start-ups) to support the design of new products / services and business models from an IoT perspective.

The results of the study will be collected in the white paper "Internet of things: potential, fields of application and guidelines for project development for companies in South Tyrol".


Project details

Project name: Beacon Südtirol

Operational Programme: The ERDF project 2023 Beacon Südtirol (CUP: B31H17000060001) was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Investment in Growth and Employment ERDF 2014-2020.

Project leader: Ripartizione 9.0 Informatica della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano

Project partner: NOI SpA, Fraunhofer Italia

Duration: 05/2018- 01/2020