The aim of the CRAFTech project is to raise awareness among companies in the craftmanship sector in South Tyrol about the adoption of enabling technologies and opportunities for digital transformation in organisational and production processes. As part of the CRAFTech project, Fraunhofer Italia developed, a self-assessment survey allowing craftsmanship SMEs learning about their digital level and preparation for craftsmanship 4.0, namely the transfer of industry 4.0 concepts in the framework of craftsmanship SMEs. Further activities offered by Fraunhofer Italia include the analysis of processes and the identification of specific areas for digital applications and automation. The result foresees an action plan containing strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solutions in the different areas analysed, as well as implementation projects the company can use to continue its path towards digital transformation. The activities proposed in the project strengthen the capacity to innovate of local craftsmanship SMEs willing to initiate digitalisation projects.


Specific Business Model Engineering activities for craftsmanship SMEs include:

- Self-assessment of digital maturity of the company

- Knowledge transfer about digital transformation trend and industry 4.0 enabling technologies

- Analysis of opportunities and risks of concrete scenarios of digital applications

- Definition of action plans and digital transformation projects

- Development of new business models


Project detail

Name: FESR 1050 CRAFTech – Future technologies for the South-Tyrolean craftsmanship sector

Funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - Investment for growth and jobs ERDF 2014 - 2020

Lead Partner: Confartigianato imprese (lvh/apa)

Duration: 03/2017 - 12/2019