As part of the DAVINCI project, Fraunhofer Italia is developing a strategic roadmap for the activities to be considered in the 4.0 industry that are relevant to the actors that make up the NOI Techpark. After the analysis of technological and market developments and innovation trends in the 4.0 industry, the research team will conduct a survey to derive the needs to be met to facilitate digital transformation, knowledge transfer and new opportunities for collaboration in research and development projects between companies, research centres and start-ups.

Strategic objectives will be formalised within a strategic roadmap to support industry 4.0 activities within NOI Techpark. Knowledge of the needs and profile of industry 4.0 stakeholders will enable the targeted definition of innovation support services offered by NOI Spa, as well as networking potential cooperation partners and creating new business opportunities at the local level.


Project detail

Project name: DAVINCI

Operational programme: ERDF1063 DAVINCI-Digital Services for Creative and Innovative Companies CUP: D33D16001330005

Project leader: NOI SpA

Duration:06/2019- 12/2019