I4.0 Roadmap

Revolution 4.0 is a building-block of a firm’s strategy to live up to today’s ever-changing markets. More and more industries are welcoming integrated 4.0 solutions, catching up with this revolution in the very concept of production and the dynamics among producers, suppliers and end-users. Big Data, Internet of Things, augmented reality, advanced automation are just some of the productivity-boosters nurturing an increasingly digital-oriented, customisable and flexible demand. SMEs will be challenged to integrate IT and automation to gain market segments in an increasingly globalised playing-field. Change is irreversible and SMEs will either seize it by identifying opportunities and risks or succumb it. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution on the way to Industry 4.0, but only firm-specific circumstances. The project I4.0 Roadmap aims at developing a roadmap to stand by local manufacturing and building sector SMEs throughout the technological and organisational planning of Industry 4.0. This will hopefully result in a new holistic assessment of a firm’s technological portfolio and its developments over time, as well as adaptations of processes, workforce and business models towards Industry 4.0.

Project details

Project name: ERDF 1054 I4.0 Roadmap [CUP: B53D07000290008]

Project Initiator: European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD). Second call for applying projects in Axis 1 Research and Innovation.  

Project partner: Fraunhofer Italia 

Period: 01.06.2017- 30.11.2018

Website I4.0 Roadmap: www.roadmap4industrie.it