Rapid Open Innovation

Exchange of knowledge - These three words sum up perfectly the main aim of the project "Rapid Open Innovation - speeding time to market". Currently, Fraunhofer Italia is working on it together with various companies from the sectors eco-building, wood and mechanics from Veneto, South Tyrol and Tyrol. The aim of the project is the so-called Open Innovation - sharing knowledge in a cross-border network.


With "Rapid Open Innovation", Fraunhofer Italia pursues the goal to improve the competitive position and innovative capability of small and medium-sized companies in the regions along the border between Italy and Austria by identifying innovation problems and overcome those using strategic approaches and concrete support. In addition, within the project a network of companies and stakeholders has been created in order to allow research, innovation and technology transfer. The heart of the project is an online platform, designed to support Open Innovation. Concretely, this means that through this platform, opportunities and possibilities of Open Innovation can be shown, knowledge can be used jointly and information about services developed in the network, can be shared. An interesting fact is that external companies with the intention to improve their innovation capabilities can participate in various initiatives of the project. Within the project, a methodology toolbox to assist companies in product development has been created. It is about choosing the right method and its correct application.

The long-term goal of "Rapid Open Innovation - speeding time to market" is to introduce companies to the concept of Open Innovation in order to allow them a faster and more cost-saving launch of their products. However, innovation should also lead to an improvement of product characteristics and processes.