Sustainability and Circular Economy

Based on Fraunhofer’s research and development experience with various industry partners, we acknowledge a growing need to consider notions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) into the business models developed for the purpose of technology adoption and digital transformation. The applied research activities of this area provide companies and institutions, tailored tools and solutions to manage resources efficiently and to orient processes and value-chains toward circular economy models.

Selection of reference projects

Circular economy

Approaches and applied research activities at Fraunhofer Italia.

Sustainable digitalisation

Systemic approach to assess digital impacts related to sustainability objectives.


Approaches and applied research activities at Fraunhofer Italia.

Maturity and circularity check for companies

Tools for assessing maturity and circularity of companies.

Feasibility study

Technical and economic analysis of the valorisation potential of processing waste.



Bread in alpine environments: innovative mechanized solutions for the cereal supply chain


The BROTWEG project aims to develop innovations for the cultivation of cereals in mountain areas, on very steep slopes (70%) where the cultivation of cereals is currently precluded to any form of mechanization. The need to identify new development models for mountain agriculture, complementary to the prevailing zootechnical ones, proposes in the foreground the alternative of the "cereal supply chain", compared to the "dairy supply chain" for the considerable advantages that the first one involves in terms of reduction of manpower and annual workloads, investments and environmental impacts. The project involves the development of prototypes of special machines for work on extreme slopes, as well as new plants for post-harvesting treatments and grain conservation suitable for forms of management on a farm scale.



Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region

The Interreg Alpine Space AlpLinkBioEco project will develop a cross-regional circular bio-based economic strategy connecting diverse producers along the entire supply chain to increase the economic competitiveness of alpine regions.