Circularity assessment

Instruments to assess the level of circularity of enterprises

​ The project foresees the development of a system to assess the level of maturity and “circularity” of enterprises. This system is based on a framework which is representative of the reality of most SMEs and enterprises in general. The assessment is of relative nature, in that it allows enterprises either to compare their performance to that of an optimum or to follow its evolution over time. In addition, the system allows enterprises to identify the areas where the potential for improvement in terms of circularity is the greatest.


  • Development of a framework capable of adapting to different business realities
  • Development of a model capable of simultaneously assessing both the level of maturity and circularity
  • Development of a dynamic assessment system capable of monitoring circularity performance over time


  • Model containing CE metrics tailored to the enterprise structure
  • Self-assessment questionnaire to assess the level of maturity with regards to CE performance
  • First test campaign and assessment