Digital Clean Up Days 2021

Join the italian initiative of the worldwide event!

Have you ever heard of the Digital Cleanup Day?

It is a worldwide day established to erase data stored in the Cloud, on the server and on our personal digital devices, to raise awareness of our digital environmental footprint and to help reduce it. The symbolic day will serve to make people aware of the sustainable use of digital, leading to a permanent reduction of its impact. 
You may not know it yet, but digital technology is currently responsible for 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, as much as the total of civil aviation. And digital pollution has doubled in just a few years, so much that, at this rate, it is estimated that in 2025 it could pollute as much as cars.  
This year the second edition of the World Digital Cleanup Day will take place from 15 to 20 of March, with the ambition to bring together at least 3.5 million citizens. The 
Digital Cleanup Day is a worldwide event, open to all. As for Italy, Fraunhofer Italia has promoted the French Cyber Cleanup Day initiative, affiliated to the worldwide event.

To achieve the Cleanup goal, we invite you to participate! 
At the links below you will find instructions on how to clean e-mails, PCs and network repositories, smartphones and tablets, as well as social networks. It will only take a few minutes to reduce your digital impact and be part of this transition to a more sustainable and sober digital. 
Remember to collect and send us information on the volume of data released (before-after) so that we can help you quantify the positive impact in terms of CO2eq.