Even if a company is successful with its technologies and products in a specific market segment at the present days, it can not be guaranteed that it will remain the same way in the future. Nowadays, many companies are forced to apply their technologies to other industries in order to create new revenue streams. However, particularly SMEs often do not have the resources and the time to explore the targeted market for their technologies.

Fraunhofer has developed the so-called MarketExplorer, a research service that explores the future markets and supports companies and institutions in the identification of new technology markets. Thanks to this innovative, IT-based method, new industries, which are not covered by the own technologies, are systematically identified and evaluated for their future relevance.

The northern Italian company Faber has successfully used the MarketExplorer. In a first step, an analysis was made  in which the functions of technologies and their utilities were  determined. In a second step, a software for semantic research, developed by Fraunhofer, was used for the identification of new technology applications. These applications were evaluated directly with the company and the most attractive ones were determined. Finally, Fraunhofer elaborated a strategic technology planning and prepared a roadmap.

As the MarketExplorer is modular, the service can be customized depending on the objectives of each company.


Project details:

Term: 2013

Project partner: Fraunhofer IAO