Remodel 2.0

Motivate to renovate – Currently a team of scientists from Fraunhofer Italia is working on this project together with seven South Tyrolean companies. The project "Remodel 2.0" is dedicated to the topic of energy-efficient renovation and pursues the ambitious goal to provide a comprehensive service that affords a fast and easy performance from a technical and a financial point of view.

During the last decades, the construction industry has gone through a big crisis; this does not apply to building renovation. Due to rising energy prices and a globally growing environmental awareness, energy-efficient renovation works have big potential for the future. Nevertheless, envisaged refurbishments are not implemented, because there still exist many different obstacles and finical uncertainties for the customers.

With the project "Remodel 2.0" Fraunhofer Italia tries to overcome these difficulties. An entirely new business model, that offers a complete package of services at attractive conditions, complements the developed technology. In the future, customers should be preserved from too many and various contact points and obtain all necessary information quickly and easily. To achieve this, a single contact person (and consultant) supports the entire renovation project, from the planning to the refund.

Project partners are the Raiffeisenverband in function as a bank, the South Tyrolean Energy Association and the Etschwerke AG as energy suppliers, Unionbau, ALPI Fenster and Energytech as construction companies and R3 GIS as a specialist in the field of IT. The CasaClima Agency, the architect A. Haller, the Energy Forum and the TIS Innovation Park were included in consulting.


Project details:

Term: 2014 - 2015

Support: LG14

Project partner: Alpi Fenster, Energytech, Etschwerke, R3 GIS, Raiffeisenverband, Südtiroler Energieverband, Unionbau, KlimaHaus Agentur, Architekt A. Haller, Energieforum, TIS