Technology Compass

Today, companies are forced to accelerate their internal innovation processes and to adopt them constantly to the continuously rising demands of customers, but many of them fail because they do not follow consequently a long-term strategy, they do not have enough resources or they would need special assistance.

In light of these concerns, Fraunhofer Italia developed the Technology Compass, a comprehensive tool that supports particularly SMEs by creating a network of partners and international experts. These specialists can provide advice and are able to support innovation processes within companies by identifying their innovation potential in terms of management and technology. Within this program, guidelines for the implementation of innovation strategies are developed and possibilities of cooperation between research institutes and companies are demonstrated. In addition, assessments and workshops on different topics are offered as well as information about funding measures both at international and provincial level. Interested companies can register for a free check-up in order to determine the market sector, the products and the areas with a need for innovation.


Project details:

Term: ongoing

Project partner: interested companies