Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) refers to the use of new technologies in the home environment that aim to respond to the challenges emerging with the aging society. AAL can be defined as the creation of intelligent environments that adapt independently, proactively and specifically to the needs and objectives of users for support in their daily life. In particular, smart environments should allow elderly, disabled and / or not auto-sufficient people to live independently in a private setting. Furthermore, AAL technologies are aimed to be integrated as much as possible in the living environment, in order to make users feel secure and at ease in their daily life. AAL environments address users with different degree of need and act in different aspects of their life, such as communication, living comfort and help with daily activities. In the most advanced forms, AAL systems may contain portable and miniaturized medical devices, specially designed for diagnostic and therapeutic use in a domestic or outdoor environment (telemonitoring). These systems can be individualized and focused on the person specific needs about prevention, diagnosis, therapy and medical care.

The need for these new technologies is constantly increasing due to the demographic change. New trends have also emerged due to the growing number of chronic patients. For instance, there is a demand to guarantee health services that may be difficult to provide, especially in areas that are not easily accessible, and the need to implement more and more continuous assistance. Moreover, the current societal changes related to the family nucleus are responsible for the increase of the number of people with assistance needs who find themselves living alone.

Within the Fraunhofer society, the theme of demographic change and Ambient Assisted Living is researched by different institutes and from different perspectives, whose transdisciplinary approach allows the integration of diverse technologies, applications and user groups. Fraunhofer Italia aims to be the interface of the company for the dissemination of knowledge of the latest advances in the sector and for the discovery of possible synergies with the area of ​​South Tyrol.