One of the core businesses of Fraunhofer Italia is the development of technological tools for digitization of the construction sector, such as augmented and virtual reality as well as internet of things, and the application of these tools on site.

The construction sector has to face growing challenges, in particular regarding costs, sustainability and project management, but also the quality of construction and processes. In order to guarantee specific and competitive results it is necessary to introduce efficient strategies and technological innovations which allow to improve the working process in the construction sector in terms of quality. This is what is called the construction site 4.0 which consists of methodological and technological transfer from the manufacturing sector, i.e. new solutions for more flexibility, better flow of information, reduction in terms of time and rising quality of production.

The implementation of applied digital technologies can help to reach these goals. The introduction of digital technologies in the construction sector means to leave paperwork progressively for more automatic processes. Digitization will make the construction sector smarter thanks to new tools and technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet of Things. One specific objective is to improve efficiency and cost reduction along the whole life cycle of the building. Another one is to improve collaboration between all different stakeholders by sharing information and knowledge in real time, thus enhancing quality and process control of the building construction.

Fraunhofer Italia particularly focus on the implementation of methods for 3D visualization of objects and data, as well as on the development of virtual/augmented reality applications for quality control and optimized work coordination on the construction sites. Our researchers study how immersive visualization combined with BIM can improve the management of information flow on the construction site, as well as communication and collaboration among stakeholders during the construction works. Particular attention is given to direct application of these solutions, which have to meet all market requirements.