Beton Eisack

Concrete was associated with many negative connotations over decades and accused with “construction sins”. In Cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP in Munich and the South Tyrolean company “Beton Eisack”, Fraunhofer Italia is working on a research project that aims to create a „green" concrete for ecological houses.

Today, the majority of all commonly used concretes are produced with environmentally friendly additives that influence the properties of the concrete positively. By doing this, significant technical, economic and environmental benefits can be achieved.

The collaboration between Fraunhofer and Beton Eisack GmbH aims to make concrete to an interesting alternative to wood for the production of ecological houses. To reach this goal it is necessary to find methods to improve some special properties of concrete for example the thermal insulation and the conductively. 


Project details:

Term: 2018-2019

Project partner: Beton Eisack GmbH, Fraunhofer IBP