Twelve mainly small and medium-sized companies investigated in the cross-industry innovation network „Build4Future“ how the challenges of the construction sector in South Tyrol can be addressed. On the one hand, rapid technological developments have been achieved within the last years in the constructional industry, which made buildings nowadays to a high-tech product. On the other hand, only minor progress has been made in the practical implementation of the technological progress.

This project is scientifically accompanied by the Province of South Tyrol and by regional research partners like the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Free University of Bolzano, the CasaClima Agency and the TIS Technology Park. A special focus of this project is lying on the development of innovative and sustainable methods, tools and strategies for industrialized process structures in individual construction.

In order to support construction methods, which are cost-efficient and sustainable, it is necessary to ensure efficient process structures, technical and organizational innovations as well in the planning phase as during the entire construction process. The practical implementation of the project started with the expansion of the hospital in Bolzano as Frener & Reifer, the leading company of the Bulid4Future project, undertakes the installing of new facades. The primary goal is to structure and rationalise the assembly procedure in order to avoid non-productive working hours and to shorten the actual construction time.


Project details:

Term: 2011-2014

Support: LG14

Project partner:  Agenzia Casa Clima, ALPI Fenster GmbH, Dejaco, Erlacher Innenausbau KG, Eurotherm AG, Expan GmbH, Frener & Reifer GmbH, Glas Müller Vetri AG, Lanz Metall KG, Plattner Bau AG, Rubner Haus AG, Tecno Spot GmbH, TEKA GmbH, TIS, Universität Bozen