The modernisation of an old country house built in 1928 and owned by the society Cellarengo 2020 evoked some extraordinary challenges for Fraunhofer Italia since this renovation exceeded normal construction works: Main goal of the project was not only to restructure the building but also to redesign it in order to allow the use for social activities.

The Cellarengo 2020 is a real estate company founded in 2011, which buys historical houses and redevelops them into intelligent buildings corresponding to the newest technical standards. The target of this project was to carry out a complete restructuring as well as to conduct an analysis of the architectural features of the so-called “Red House” in Cellarengo, a town 30 kilometres away from Turin. For this purpose, it was also necessary to examine which interior furnishing meets the requirements best.

The result of the project is an intelligent country house suited perfectly for training courses, since it also contains a special room for experimental procedures. In order to ensure a sustainable cultivation of the 300,000 square meters of farmland and to save energy and scare resources, new agricultural technologies have been implemented. The final goal of the project was to bring these modern cultivation methods closer to large parts of the population. With this in mind, the C2020 project can be seen as an important contribution to the envisaged appreciation of the whole region.


Project details:

Term: 2011-2013

Project partner: Cellarengo 2020 s.r.l.