Building businesses, especially SMEs, are plagued by poor productivity. Comparing with the industrial sector, e.g. the ever-growing car industry, yields appalling results. Among the main reasons, we might point to the unsatisfactory degree of digitalisation relative to other sectors in the economy, which combines with a penchant for conservativism. Whilst expectations on construction are on the increase, the building sector struggles to find a way out of its established evils such as poorly structured construction processes and guidelines. These result in missed deadlines, and thus debt piling up. Bringing in industrialised site organisation might be beneficial, drawing from the principles of “Lean Management” as formerly applied to manufactory. Similarly, bringing more IT on board might do good allowing the involved actors to connect digitally.
The two methods are currently implemented in the research project funded by EFRE »COCkPiT« - Collaborative Construction Process Management to support local SMEs. The project develops both the methodology and the first prototype as a software solution. The application range is vast across the building sector, including raw building, façade installation, technical equipment, and aims at: i) supporting collaborative process modelling of non-repetitive constructions; ii) enabling short-cycle planning based on collaborative modelling; iii) allowing for real-time state of advancement monitoring. This allows to track progresses and check back, thus enforcing an iterative optimisation of planning and construction processes. The IT solutions and their conceptual and methodological foundations are checked and validated during the project.

Project details

Name: COCkPiT [CUP: I52F16000670006]

Operational programme: European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD)

Partner: Free University of Bolzano, Fraunhofer Italia

Duration: 01.01.2017-31.12.2020


Video of final event

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