Frener & Reifer

In this industrial project, Fraunhofer Italia developed a method and a tool for monitoring, controlling and optimizing international engineer-to-order construction sites with repetitive and non-repetitive processes for the South Tyrolean company Frener & Reifer.

The mentioned method as well as the tool are developed and tested based on two concrete implementation projects: On one hand on the east, south and west facade of the extension of the Hospital of Bolzano and on the other hand within the project Softbridge in Oxford with the realisation a free-form facade. A systematic recording of productivity at both construction sites helps to make problems and improvements measurable. The introduction and development of so-called CIP working groups - CIP stands for continuous improvement process – aims to increase efficiency on construction sites with repetitive and non-repetitive processes.

Due to the fact that the various stakeholders, such as the site manager, the project manager, the technical supervisor and the installation crew are not permanently present at the building site, the particular challenge of this project lays in assuring and encouraging an efficient and constant collaboration between all parties. Since Frener & Reifer is seeking for a strong internationalization, this projects aims to develop and test a control system for construction sites, which makes it possible to coordinate all steps despite the geographical distance of the parties concerned. 


Project details:

Term: 2014-2015

Project partner: Frener & Reifer GmbH