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If you belong to the NOI - Community, you can now take a look inside and learn more about the project from a Fraunhofer Italia researcher who will explain the technology: from Wednesday 20 to Thursday 28 September (except Saturday and Sunday), from 10:00 to 10:30 am. Just drop by!


The aim of the project will be to develop an outdoor environment Demonstrator for different use cases:

-        Container itself is a use case as it represents the mobile factory shell with significant characteristics in terms of transportability and ease to assemble as it could be moved directly to construction site. It could contain various production or assembly lines or digital systems, such as AR/VR tools or digital boards, for both a lean management of tasks on site and intelligent application for training, safety management procedures and resource allocation.

One container would be used as a working area and other two smaller ones would serve as control centre, a functionality in common to all the use cases and for any other synergic project.

-        Brick cutting is a relevant use case since very often there are some instances where modifications are needed. Starting from the fact that wall sizes are often not multiples of brick sizes, so that is necessary to change the dimensions of one or more bricks to achieve the correct size, to changes during construction to the dimensions of openings or other structural elements, cutting bricks to size is one of the most frequent activities on a construction site and with a high level of exposure to health risks for workers.

Moving this activity to a safer and controlled environment and enabling robotic equipment to perform the task in place of the worker or in support of the worker, the goal is to achieve higher levels of accuracy and productivity with a focus on safety.

Handling the cut-outs bricks can then be left to robotic platforms, which deliver the parts to the operator exactly when and where they are needed, saving time by keeping the worker on the job site rather than stopping to cut and transport the bricks, and increasing safety by reducing the number of workers moving around the site.

-        On site Customisation of prefabricated panels, within the BAU-DNS project, in which the different layers of the panel are assembled by robotic arms in an automated or collaborative way, according to the dimensions derived from the survey of the existing building, and therefore with a high degree of accuracy. The possibility of managing the production of the panels on site, following the survey of the existing building, would allow to avoid the loss of time due to incorrect off-site production, to save material and to speed up the assembly procedures, as they would be sure of a perfect match with the final surfaces of the panels.

This use case could also involve the use of robotic equipment to drill holes for the assembly of panels: a repetitive, tiring activity that requires great accuracy, which, delegated to robotic arms, would improve both the working conditions of the workers and their safety.


© Fraunhofer Italia
© Fraunhofer Italia