10 years Fraunhofer Italia

It was 2010 when Fraunhofer arrived in Italy and had three employees. In ten years we have grown in terms of numbers, successes and above all know-how in research applied to industry.

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Due to the current prevention measures against the spread of COVID-19, the office of Fraunhofer Italia is temporarily not operational. At the moment we are working in home office and can be reached by phone (No. 0471 1966900) or email (info@fraunhofer.it). We thank you for your understanding!

Fraunhofer Italia

The Fraunhofer Italia Research scarl was founded in 2009 as first Italian legal independent affiliate of Fraunhofer, the largest European organization for applied research. As a non-profit research organization, Fraunhofer Italia works on behalf of the industry and the economy as well as for the benefit of the society. Our projects and research activities are mainly focused to support small and medium-sized local companies through customized and practical research services. Our interdisciplinary team is divided into the main business areas “Automation and Mechatronics Engineering” and “Process Engineering in Construction”. Both areas are complemented by the third transversal business area “Business Model Engineering”.


Automation and Mechatronics Engineering


Process Engineering in Construction


Business Model Engineering