Feasibility study for the development of an automated production line

Developing a new production line, or upgrading an existing one, demands detailed knowledge of the product and the step-by-step production process. Certain operations are so specific to the product that the market is unable to offer generic solutions, and a custom solution is required. Recently, technologies for sensing, for example in part positioning and placing, as well as for handling with robotic actuators, have become so advanced that they can be adopted for a vast range of operations and products. This trend is also supported by the availability of artificial intelligence in data processing, employing cloud-based processing capacity or high speed graphics cards. This means that production equipment can be made more compact, doing away with - often complex and bulky - custom solutions.

No production process is the same as any other, however, and Fraunhofer Italia thus offers a personalized procedure which brings together experts on both sides to develop state of the art feasibility studies using simulation of the significant processes and commercially available components.