Concept development and feasibility studies

Do you want to innovate your institutional or corporate technologies and processes? Fraunhofer Italia can help you to structure your ideas and test their feasibility. Here you have some examples:


Strategies for implementing Building Information Modeling in private companies and public authorities

The objective of the service is to provide private companies and public authorities the tools and support required to introduce and subsequently roll-out BIM in their processes.


Feasibility study for the introduction of flexible collaborative robotics

Automation concepts were validated to equip a CNC machine. New concepts for small series production were developed on the basis of the 3D acquisition of the work area. The collaboration resulted in a feasibility study for the integration of flexible automation based on collaborative robotics and a laboratory prototype.


Feasibility study for the development of an automated production line

No production process is the same as any other, however, and Fraunhofer Italia thus offers a personalized procedure which brings together experts on both sides to develop state of the art feasibility studies using simulation of the significant processes and commercially available components.


Analysis of the use potential of process waste

For many companies, the potential to re-use process waste is an opportunity to develop new products and business models, and to increase the economic and environmental sustainability of their commercial operations. Fraunhofer Italia runs technical/economic/environmental feasibility studies to assist companies in assessing the potential of their business ideas for the re-use of their process waste.