Engineering, prototyping and proof-of-concept

Do you want to develop and validate a prototype? Fraunhofer Italia makes its know-how and infrastructure available to engineer and test components, systems and entire processes for your institution or company. Here you have some examples:


Optimizing the planning and execution of operations of a robotic system

The project develops loading and unloading strategies for automated pharmacy storage systems. Choices about where new medicines should be placed and which medicines should be delivered to the customer are based on the kinematic modelling of the robot’s motion in combination with route optimization schemes.



Developing advanced control systems for configurable robots

A promising route to achieving high efficiency production, as well as fast adaptation to challenging customization requirements, is to combine modular, easily reconfigurable robots with fast programming methods using automatic learning techniques. Fraunhofer Italia is working on the development of control systems for such solutions.


Developing and validating mechatronic systems

Digitalization and networked production processes open up new ways of increasing productivity and flexibility. In close collaboration with one of our clients, we have digitalized an existing mechanical product to adapt it to the needs of modern Industry 4.0.



Prototyping software components

We create software prototypes to implement the functions demanded by research projects and feasibility studies. We have the capacity to do so in both Windows and Linux. Projects are coded in C++, Java and Python, as appropriate.