Scientific Analysis and Knowledge Transfer

Do you already have a clear, structured idea for an innovative technology or process? Fraunhofer Italia offers its know-how to assist you in introducing new concepts into your institutional or corporate practices. Here you have some examples:


Implementing Building Information Modeling in private companies and public authorities

The objective of the service is to provide private companies and public authorities the tools and support required to introduce and subsequently roll-out BIM in their processes.


Workshops for private companies and public authorities

We focus on the transfer of know-how by taking part as expert speakers at scientific dissemination events. We organize study visits, business missions and workshops for private companies and public authorities on all of Fraunhofer’s areas of research.


Maturity and circularity check for companies

Tools for assessing the level of circularity of companies.


Strategic documents and conceptual studies of research projects and infrastructure

With our practical experience of innumerable applications and science-based applied research, we have the know-how to draft strategic documents and conceptual studies in the areas of digital transformation, artificial intelligence, sustainability and the circular economy.


CRAFTech - Future technologies for small manufacturers in South Tyrol

The main objective of the Confartigianato imprese (lvh.apa) FESR 1050 CRAFTech project is to support small manufacturers in making the most of their potential, by directing them towards R&D activities and promoting collaboration between research centers and business.


BIM Guidelines for the construction sector

The BIM guidelines have two objectives: to clarify what BIM is and what it means to work in BIM; to provide support to companies in starting their own BIM adoption path. The target group of the guidelines are contractors in the building, infrastructure, wood and plant sectors.

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MeranSmart - An inclusive and digital city

The project "MeranSmart: an inclusive and digital city" is an initiative of the municipality of Merano with the aim of making our city smart, intelligent and socially inclusive for the future.