Human-Centered Technology

Small and medium enterprises face major challenges if they wish to keep up with the rapid evolution of the world of work, today and tomorrow. In the context of person-centered technological development, we are researching the role played by man in the partially autonomous systems of the future over a vast range of applications. These include the smart digital factory and the connected building site of the future. Our research concerns assistance systems using artificial intelligence, with a physical and cognitive approach, and the potential for integration into the corporate setting.



Adaptive Mission Planning for LIve inFrAstructures Inspection

AMPLIF-AI aims to create a system based on artificial intelligence that will enable inspection teams to assess the condition of infrastructures in real time in various application cases in the Alpine context. The partners will develop a system consisting of a ground platform and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) supervised by the inspection team.



Configurable Collaborative Robot Technologies

The CONCERT project has the aim of developing new technologies to create more versatile collaborative robots than existing ones, including in heavy duty applications. Their principal characteristic is that they are composed of modules which can be assembled together to create a final configuration selected by the user to best support them in their work.



Virtual SimUlator for Automation Laboratory

The objective of the project is to create an infrastructure and know-how to allow Fraunhofer Italia to conduct applied research in the areas of AR and VR applied to automation.



Augmented Reality for Facility Management

The AR4FM project was born with the aim of creating a pioneering software ecosystem, which, using the most modern technologies, supports innovative operations of Facility Management (FM) through Augmented Reality. This visualization will be implemented through the use of mobile and wearable devices.



Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes

Fraunhofer Italia started its first Horizon 2020 project with “ACCEPT”. The Consortium, which consists of twelve research partners situated in seven different countries in Europe, targets to develop an application for the quality check during energy saving refurbishment works to avoid eventual efficiency losses of energy saving components.



A BIM-Integrated Mobile Robot Manipulator for Precise and Autonomous Disinfection in Building against COVID-19

BALTO is a mobile robot manipulator which can precisely and autonomously disinfect critical features of buildings such as door handles, buttons, push-bars and desks. Thanks to the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) data, a map of the building and its components is integrated directly into the robot control system for quick deployment.