Preliminary research and applications

We anticipate emerging technologies and processes, always guided by sustainability criteria.



ROGEST is a research project that aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using a radar sensor to detect, recognize, and monitor activities at medium distance through micro-Doppler signature. Thanks to its non-invasive nature and the use of non-optical frequencies, the radar sensor is able to operate in complex and harsh environments while respecting the privacy of the people involved.



smARtENA aims to test IoT services for improving building management and indoor thermal comfort. A comprehensive monitoring system installed in ARENA and in Fraunhofer offices makes it possible to detect occupancy and behavioural patterns, control crowd evacuation and develop a digital twin for visualizing monitoring data with advanced digital tools.




ROSBIM – Mobile robotic assistant for construction logistics combining ROS and BIM- aims at developing an interface between Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Robot Operating System (ROS) to create a robotic assistant dedicated to the transport of heavy loads on site.



FLEXBIN – Mobile based collaborative robotics assistant for bin-picking - aims to develop a mobile based collaborative robotics application that interacts with a 3D vision system for bin-picking, sorting and transporting components to an assisted manual assembly station.



CORAL – Collaborative robotic assistant learning through demonstrations - aims to develop an application combining collaborative robotics and machine learning techniques for flexible sorting of objects transported on a conveyor belt.



Parallel cable robots enable high acceleration, high positioning speed and repeatability as well as flexible installation. Our ROS-based demonstrator Rocbot shows the advantages of such a cable robot in a very confined space and makes it possible to explore both theoretical aspects such as installation space and control as well as possible applications.



AI, robotics and mechatronics are often difficult for SMEs and the public to understand. It is hard for a non-expert audience to understand what these areas offer and what they do not. We aim to build a user-friendly demonstrator to illustrate some of the most advanced technological concepts in these areas, enabling us to run even deeper research into them.



The ABC - Autonomous as Built Checker project aims to develop a solution for the online control of an as-built BIM construction site model, and check the match between the cloud of points and the model in an optimized, autonomous fashion. We developed a simplified scale model to simulate a site in which the robot gathers 2D measurements and odometric data, with the aim of generalizing it for increasingly complex scenarios.