Smart Urban Systems

The majority of global emissions come from cities: it is essential that we adopt new models to make urban systems more resilient, tackle the climate emergency and make cities more liveable. We are now able to combine the growing potential of new technologies to develop flexible solutions not only for individual assets but also for districts and territories. New strategies are available to support local governments in urban planning with the help of data integration from across the urban space.



Open smaRt teCHnologiEs Sustainable waTeR mAnagement

The aim of the project is to realize an interactive system for the sustainable and dynamic management of water resources in the wastewater system and in building greening, which is able to optimize the flow, retention and storage of water by using IoT data and physically based machine learning models for the protection of the urban environment.



Development of an integrated system for optimised energy management of buildings

SINCRO aims to develop a solution to optimise energy management in buildings, based on data from a monitoring system using IoT technologies and the active and intelligent involvement of users.



Geographic Building Information Model Management

The GEOBIMM project aims to develop two software applications that, thanks to the integration of BIM and GIS data, support public administrations to have a more efficient and aware control of the works, from the territorial to the detailed scale, both in the Facility Management phase and in the management of building permit processes.



Retrofitting interventions in South Tyrol


KlimaKit tackles existing barriers in the sector comprehensively, to disentangle the factors preventing retrofitting interventions and laying the groundwork for an innovative model involving all actors in South Tyrol’s retrofitting market.



Development of an open platform as an enabling tool for smart cities


The project is the result of Systems srl's initiative to design and develop a digital platform for smart cities, aimed at fostering the integration of new services for and with citizens, businesses, tourists and public administrations.



OPTimized solutIONS for sustainable retrofits

The OPTIONS project has the objective of developing integrated solutions for energy efficiency retrofits capable of optimizing a variety of aspects related to sustainability. The use of artificial intelligence algorithms has enabled us to identify solutions for optimizing the environmental impact of such retrofits and incentivizing clients to use sustainable solutions.



An inclusive and digital city


The project "MeranSmart: an inclusive and digital city" is an initiative of the municipality of Merano with the aim of making our city smart, intelligent and socially inclusive for the future.