Year title Authors
2021 A deployment-friendly decentralized scheduling approach for cooperative multi-agent systems in production systems Egger G., Chaltsev D., Giusti A., Matt D.T.
2021 Participatory design of use cases for an IoT open platform to support the smart urban development Schweigkofler A., Romagnoli K., Steiner D., Riedl M., Matt D.T.
2021 BIM Simulation Lab. Fostering Digital Transformation in Local SmallMedium Enterprises and Public Administrations Pasetti Monizza G., Schimanski C.P., Malacarne G., Matt D.T.
2021 Interval-arithmetic-based robust control of fully-actuated mechanical systems Giusti A., Liu S. B., Althoff M.
2021 A novel approach for web-based Facility Management: AR4FM project Piovano M., Barbini A., Di Staso U., Matt D. T.
2021 BIM-integrated Collaborative Robotics for Application in Building Construction and Maintenance Follini C., Magnago V., Freitag K., Terzer M., Marcher M., Riedl M., Giusti A., Matt D. T.
2021 Optimal scaling of dynamic safety zones for collaborative robotics Scalera L., Vidoni R., Giusti A. 
2021 Multi-Objective Trajectory Tracking Optimization for Robots with Elastic Joints Ainhauser W., Gerstmayr J., Giusti A.
2021 Knowledge Transfer and Introduction of Industry 4.0 in SMEs: A FiveStep Methodology to Introduce Industry 4.0 Rauch E., Riedl M., Matt D.T.
2021 Decision Support Systems in Building Construction – an Axiomatic Design Approach Marcher C., Rauch E., Giusti A., Matt D.T
2021 BALTO - A BIM-Integrated Mobile Robot Manipulator for Precise and Autonomous Disinfection in Buildings Against COVID-19 Giusti A., Magnago V., Siegele D., Terzer M., Follini C., Garbin S., Marcher C., Steiner D., Schweigkofler A., Riedl M.
2021 Automatic Generation of Kinematics and Dynamics Model Descriptions for Modular Robot Manipulators Nainer C., Feder M., Giusti A.
2021 News Recommendations by Combining Intra-session with Inter-session and Content-Based Probabilistic Modelling Symeonidis P., Chaltsev D., Zanker M., Manolopoulos Y.
2021 On the Design of a Decision Support System for Robotic Equipment Adoption in Construction Processes  Marcher C., Giusti A., Matt D.T.
2021 The Role of Common Data Environments as Enabler for Reliable Digital Lean Construction Management Schimanski C.P., Pasetti Monizza G., Matt D.T.
2021 Integrating BIM with Lean Construction approach: Functional requirements and production management software Schimanski C.P., Pradhan N.L., Chaltsev D., Pasetti Monizza G., Matt D.T. 
2021 Optimizing Collaborative Robotic Workspaces in Industry by Applying Mixed Reality Siegele D., Steiner D., Giusti A., Riedl M., Matt D.T.
2021 Visualizing Building Energy Measurement Data in Mixed Reality Applying BIM Siegele D., Penna P., Riedl M.
2021 Circular economy metrics: Literature review and company-level classification framework Vinante C., Sacco P., Orzes G., Borgianni Y.
2021 Circular Economy at the Firm Level: A New Tool for Assessing Maturity and Circularity Sacco P., Vinante C., Borgianni Y., Orzes G.
2021 Digitalization: A Systematic Literature Review to Identify How to Make Digitalization More Sustainable Sacco P., Rangoni Gargano E., Cornella A.
2021 farMAS: Multi-Agent based farm activity planning and execution system Egger G., Sacco P., Chaltsev D., Mazzetto F. 
2021 Digital sustainability in smart agriculture Sacco P., Rangoni Gargano E., Cornella A., Don D., Mazzetto F.
2021 L‘industria, driver dell‘economia armonica e circolare Matt D., Sacco P, Rangoni Gargano E., Don D.
2021 Available tools and methodologies for the sustainability assessment in production Sacco P., Rangoni Gargano E., Cornella A., Don D., Riedl M., Matt D.T.