Approaches and applied research activities at Fraunhofer Italia.

Fraunhofer Italia acknowledges the growing importance of bioeconomy, coupled with the contribution that digitalisation and new technologies can offer to companies, willing to boost the sustainability of their business under economic, environmental and social perspective.

We offer our competences in the following research fields, to companies and institutions interested to start collaborations about bioeconomy:

  • Technological assessment for sustainable production (e.g. agri-food and wood sector).
  • Business information systems, smart agriculture, agri-food supply chains.
  • Assessment methodologies (e.g. multi-criteria, multi-actor, LCA, circularity models).
  • Multi-level analysis: process, enterprise, supply chain, territory.
  • Digital solutions and bioeconomy for the optimisation of resource use at supply chain level.
  • Transition towards circular business models, including in the context of product and service development.
  • Methods for innovation management in the bioeconomic sphere with sustainable approaches.
  • Techno-economic feasibility analysis for the reuse of production waste.


The attached document summarises our vision toward bioeconomy, and the approach we adopt to carry out applied research activities with interested companies, including SMEs, and institutions.