Circular Economy

Approaches and applied research activities at Fraunhofer Italia.

By its very nature, the circular economy has to deal with complex systems. Fraunhofer Italia approaches it mainly through the following approaches:

  • interdisciplinary, thanks to the competences of the different Departments
  • systemic and specific, considering the best ways of dealing with issues at different levels;
  • linked to decision-making processes, for the design and monitoring phases;
  • quantitative, because it is necessary to know the starting point, to set objectives to be achieved that are measurable and to be able to monitor and track the transition towards these objectives;
  • collaborative, by participating in research projects, events, conferences and workshops, publications, local working groups.

In this document we have summarised our vision of the circular economy and the approach we intend to take in applied research activities with companies, including SMEs, and institutions.