One of the key concerns in the fight against COVID-19 is the need to minimize the risk of infection. The “Mobile Disinfection” (MobDi) project, headed by Fraunhofer IPA, is our response to this challenge, with Fraunhofer experts developing new hardware and software solutions for mobile service robots. On the one hand, this will make it possible to disinfect potentially contaminated surfaces in buildings and vehicles according to need. On the other, these developments will help to automate the handling of materials in hospitals, thus avoiding the spread of contagion between medical staff.

Fraunhofer Italia is participating in this initiative with its expertise in the development of robot navigation software. In particular, it is developing a technology which uses the building’s BIM data (Building Information Modeling) to familiarize the robot with the environment it is going to work in. The technology developed by Fraunhofer Italia will be integrated into the multi-level system developed by Fraunhofer IOSB, which contains a map of the environment, the locations of all features requiring sanitization and the materials of which the latter are made. Thanks to the efforts of Fraunhofer Italia, this environmental information can be entered automatically from the building’s BIM model - where available - thus avoiding the lengthy process of entering it manually.

Project details

Project name: Mobile Disinfection - MobDi

Funding: The project is part of the “Fraunhofer vs. Corona” campaign, which includes numerous other initiatives in response to the pandemic.

Duration: 01.10.2020 - 30.09.2021