A BIM-Integrated Mobile Robot Manipulator for Precise and Autonomous Disinfection in Building against COVID-19

In comparison with the conventional procedures typically adopted in non-pandemic times, significant additional effort is required today for systematic disinfection in high occupant traffic buildings and sensitive areas. The BALTO platform consists of a mobile base combined with a custom vapor-dispensing disinfection module and a 7 degrees-of-freedom robotic arm that can disinfect a variety of features precisely and autonomously. Building Information Modelling (BIM) data is integrated directly into the robot control system. This approach eliminates the time-consuming process of mapping the environment for deployment. Thanks to its simple, intuitive user interface, BALTO can be used by operators untrained in the use of robotic systems, such as the facility manager. The operator selects the features to be disinfected with the user interface, sends the robot to its parked position, initiates the disinfection process and records the disinfection movements.

Project details

Project name: BALTO

Operational Programme: Fraunhofer Internal Programs under Grant No. Anti-Corona 840241

Budget: €478.542,93 (total), €262.043,93 (Fraunhofer Italia)

Project partner: Fraunhofer IAO

Duration: 01.07.2020 – 31.03.2021