The CONCERT project has the aim of developing new technologies to create more versatile collaborative robots than existing ones, including in heavy duty applications. Their principal characteristic is that they are composed of modules which can be assembled together to create a final configuration selected by the user to best support them in their work. CONCERT offers a new type of collaborative robot, able to work safely together with the worker while offering greater than human physical strength, autonomy and collaborative intelligence; the interaction between robot and operator is implemented by means of advanced interfaces and interaction tools. CONCERT robots will be able to acquire information from the environment and execute high level commands, for example in remote activities, adapting to the environment in an independent manner. Researchers are aiming to develop individual robotic modules for specific tasks, which can be arranged and integrated into configurations customized for the job in hand.

Project details


Funding: H2020

Budget: € 2,998,432.50 (total), € 505,695.00 (Fraunhofer Italia)

Project Partner: IIT, TUM, FhI, Profactor GmbH, Budimex, CIOP-PIB.

Duration: 1.1.2021 - ongoing