The European guidelines (European Green Deal Strategy, Territorial Agenda 2030 Strategy, European Circular Economy Action Plan) define ambitious goals in terms of valorisation of products and by-products from the primary and agro-food sectors as these are residues generated in large quantities and with a high potential in terms of the molecules of industrial interest present. These waste, if not properly valorised, are destined for disposal.

Nowadays, new strategies are needed to increase the reallocation of by-products and waste at regional, national and transnational level to reduce the circularity gap. In this context, the TeBiCE project aims to move from the linear 'take-make-dispose' approach towards a circular 'make-use-recycle' one.

Eight regions from six Central European states (Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria) are involved in the project and are committed to promoting the exchange of biomass derived from primary industrial and agro-food processing for the creation of sustainable biorefineries. The objective is to identify and establish connections within supply chains in order to balance the input/output flow of both mass and energy of the 'actors' involved in the value chains. 

Specifically, the project proposes business strategies to implement the purchase of by-products and waste and identify appropriate measures to which the non-recyclable part of waste can be directed. The objectives aim at (i) upgrading existing technologies (i.e. digital tools that create value chains) to a higher TRL in order to make their use feasible among professionals; (ii) overcoming economic barriers in the internal market (in order to make the bioproduct of the value chain competitive with virgin raw material); (iii) reducing regulatory and political barriers and (iv) harmonising material quality standards to support the market conditions necessary for the development of value chains.


Project details

Name: TeBiCE - Territorial biorefineries for circular economy

Funding programme: Interreg Central Europe

Lead Partner: Venetian Agency for Innovation in the Primary Sector - Veneto Agricoltura (IT)

Partner: Venetian Agency for Innovation in the Primary Sector - Veneto Agricoltura (IT), National Institute of Chemistry (SI), Fraunhofer Italia Research scarl - Innovation Engineering Center (IT), Chemie-Cluster Bayern GmbH (DE), University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (PL), Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship (PL), Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SK), Carinthia UAS - non-profit limited liability company (AT)

Duration: 04/2023- 03/2026

Budget: 2.052.855 € (1.642.284 € co-financed by the ERDF)