Maturity and circularity check for companies

Tools for assessing maturity and circularity of companies

In order to progress and express their potential in a circular way, companies need to know: 1) Where they are; 2) The desired point of arrival (objectives); 3) The best path to reach the set of objectives. At each of the previous steps it is necessary to give a quantitative assessment, so that the actions to be implemented can be planned with the greatest transparency and with the least possible risk. The Maturity and circularity check for companies was born by questioning how it was possible to help companies to set starting and ending points and to consequently start reflecting on the paths to be taken.
The objective of the assessment tool is to develop a photograph of the companies’ level of maturity and circularity. It does not limit itself to giving an overall summary value, but it provides information that can be directly used in corporate decision-making processes. In fact, it is based on a framework that reflects the reality of most SMEs and companies, allowing to identify the areas with room for circular improvement.
The evaluation is relative, and it subsequently allows to position companies with respect to an excellent or to compare their performance over time.
Furthermore, since the performances are evaluated with respect to the theoretical maximum obtainable by the single company, the evaluation adapts to the company reality.