Strategic documents and conceptual studies of research projects and infrastructure

Systematically acquiring, processing and assessing information for decision-making, derived from research and practical experience, are the foundations of the efficient, targeted drafting of strategic documents and conceptual studies for research projects and infrastructure. Fraunhofer Italia has specific experience in the drafting of studies and roadmaps relating to the structuring and visualization of corporate action and policy options. For instance, our interdisciplinary research groups and multi-department project teams enable us to realize custom scientific studies for initial situations and specific requirements relating to the spread and effect of technical innovations in manufacturing companies and industries, as well as many others. We keep up to date with the times and scientific developments, thus enabling our clients to factor the current state of research into their decision-making, making new developments available in easily comprehensible form. The vast network of Fraunhofer Italia experts can identify the technological potential of new applications in the economy, and analyze their effects on companies, the economy and the environment in a holistic manner. With our rigorous focus on objective-oriented applied research, we are convinced that only a systematic, global approach can analyze emerging social and technical challenges to provide concrete actionable options for public and private stakeholders.