Our mission

You can only carry outwards what you live inside. Fraunhofer Italia is therefore guided by a model of professionalism, partnership and efficiency. We have not imposed these central values on ourselves from above - because they come from the centre of our institute as a genuine self-image and have been actively lived by all our employees from the very beginning. Applied research means for us the combination of research excellence and industrial excellence.

Applied research for the industry

Fraunhofer Italia's task is to translate scientific findings into commercially viable, tailor-made innovations for companies. Fraunhofer Italia promotes and conducts application-oriented research with relevance and impact for the direct benefit of industry and handcraft. In this way we make a significant contribution to their competitiveness. In particular, we have a feeling for the current and future needs of SMEs: The employees of Fraunhofer Italia know and anticipate the actual problems, situation, expectations, room for manoeuvre, current and future goals of our customers.

Excellence and uniqueness

Fraunhofer Italia provides research services of the highest quality on the basis of scientifically recognized procedures and uses state-of-the-art technical equipment. We think and act in a far-sighted and responsible manner and constantly develop our fields of research and services. It is the aim of Fraunhofer Italia to support small and medium-sized enterprises in particular at regional and national level in direct contractual relationships or in research projects with pragmatic solutions.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

The competencies of the different Fraunhofer Italia teams are coordinated and combined with each other in a project-related manner. In addition, Fraunhofer Italia also cooperates with renowned partners from industry, handcraft and research. This creates the basis for system solutions from a single source.

Performance orientation

Fraunhofer works efficiently and cost-consciously, just like our customers. Strict performance orientation ensures the sustainable and successful application of our research results in practice.

Qualified and motivated employees

Fraunhofer Italia's performance is largely determined by the professional and social skills of its employees. Our method of working is characterized by great commitment, high motivation and professionalism in project management; the Institute's employees are thus the main pillar of Fraunhofer Italia's performance.

Fraunhofer Italia offers its employees a fruitful working environment and a platform for professional and personal development. “Brain transfer "- the transfer of outstanding knowledge via people - is one of Fraunhofer Italia's tasks.

Culture and values

The cooperation at Fraunhofer Italia is characterized by a respectful interaction with each other, characterized by transparency, openness, collegiality, understanding and trust. This claim also forms the basis of our cooperation with our partners.

Customer and market orientation

Fraunhofer Italia attaches great importance to the highest quality, which is consistently oriented towards the benefit of our customers. Customer satisfaction is a decisive indicator of success for Fraunhofer Italia. Based on our skills and professionalism in contract research, we cultivate long-term partnerships. Our top priority is to support companies even after the projects have been completed.

Efficient organization

Fraunhofer Italia's services are based on well-coordinated internal processes and sound methods. Administration and public relations are actively involved in the provision of services and enable the competence teams to concentrate on technological and methodological innovations. As an entire team, we are highly dynamic: we work quickly and directly, just as our customers expect us to do.