Strategies for implementing Building Information Modeling in private companies and public authorities

The service has the aim of assisting private companies and public authorities in identifying the areas most suited to the use of BIM, compatibly with their strategic and operational vision, and support them in implementing it in a progressive manner. The service has the following specific objectives, which involve the company’s strategic and technical/operative staff at the appropriate times:

  • To provide a framework of knowledge about the company’s current processes of design, execution and maintenance in relation to the introduction of BIM and its attendant improvement measures;
  • To set out a plan of action for the progressive roll-out of BIM in the company;
  • To support the company during the roll-out phase and constantly monitor progress by means of selected pilot projects.

In detail, the service is configured as follows, and involves the company’s strategic and technical/operative staff when required:

  • Introduction of the subject and assessment of the company’s initial situation in relation to the issues of digital transformation in general and BIM in particular;
  • Formulation of short-, medium- and long-term BIM targets, both strategic and technical, resulting in a plan for its implementation: corporate organization, technological upgradation, staff training and pilot projects;
  • Support for the planning and execution of the pilot projects, using a monitoring system that constantly assesses progress and re-aligns the project to any changes which may arise during execution.